Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picture Books in Winter

This was an assignment to copy a work from a Golden Age Illustrator. I chose Jesse Wilcox Smith. The painting I chose was Picture Books in Winter. The first image is her painting.

First I did a line drawing of Picture Books in Winter, completely freehand no tracing.

I then had to freehand a value drawing in Charcoal.

And the final part of the project was to do a painting. This painting was done in acrylic paints watered down to be more like watercolors.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few more media experiment projects

Here are a few more of the Paintings I did in my Media Experimentation class

This picture is done by doing a line drawing which is reversed and printed and then transfered using a Chartpak Blender marker. This was then painted with Acrylics and his face was painted with Oil. This is a little boy I used to babysit trying to use his big eyes to persuade me to take him to play outside.

My friend Lizzie sat and posed while I took nearly 100 pictures of her for this project. This was the best choice. This is an Acrylic painting, it was painted in layers mixing the acrylic with gloss medium, then it was sanded with a wet sandpaper. It was a very fun project, and I am planning on trying it again.

While I was out at the Livestock center for one of my horse classes, I found a bucket of old discarded horse shoes, so I asked if I could borrow them. The first image is the original photograph. I then painted it using Acrylic paints.

This is Mr. Oswald posing in the sunlight. This painting was done by first doing a drawing using Charcoal and then painting over it with Gouache.

This was painting using a technique called Oil lift out. Thin washes of Oil paint are put down, and then using pure paint thinner the lighter values are lifted out.